Gypsy Beat - Lyrics

Three Years Gone

She was lyin' down with another
Lookin' for an answer like before
Sayin', "Take me back, show me which way to go,
Show me how to get by in this world"

So lucky as I was to be livin'
And knowin' all of my bills had been paid
I sighed real heavy, pulled out a $20 bill
And told her she should get her pretty face made

We fell hard, we fell easy
We felt lost, sometimes crazy
I thought everybody knew of our fate in this world
The weight that keeps draggin' us down

It was three years ago last September
That woman and me was bound
We had good times now I remember
When the train whistle blew by the sweetest sound

I was tired of workin' hard for another
So we started callin' the streets our home
She said, "We don't need all those frills,"
We had our booze and our pills
And we didn't have to face this life alone [Refrain]

Deep in my heart I had yearning
Couldn't keep a good man down
But after all of her love and affection
She just couldn't seem to keep this boy around

So I'm lyin' on my bed with another
Knowin' all my bills had been paid
I think of that woman gone last September
And of the promise we made [Refrain]

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano


Sunflower, why can't it wait till morning
You derailed my life without any warning
You drive me crazy you make me mad
But you're the prettiest problem that I ever had
Sunflower, why can't it wait till morning

Sunflower, tonight is not forever
And lessons that we learn from one another
A toast to the future, and one for the past,
And here's to a love that happened way too fast
Sunflower, tonight is not forever

How can I forget sharing one last cigarette
But your pretty little game won't last forever

Sunflower, it's time we said goodbye
Who was I to think that you'd be mine
Sunflower, it's time we said goodbye


1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano


This foolish heart beating next to mine
Had to leave a world behind
And I can't believe that we've come this far
When the money's hard to find
Chicago's just a a day up 35
And I'll come back with bangles for my bride

In 1959, we had a gay old time
Just counting our blessings with one on the way
In 1959, when nobody crossed the line
And I'd a-voted for Kennedy, a long time ago

It's nothing much, it'll have to do
This trailer on the Southside
And all the dreams I had about chandeliers
They're all hanging out to dry
Standing on the brink of bitterness
No one told me life would be life this [Refrain]

When I drew all my cards, I was 17
Sort of man, sort of in-between
But I guess that's how it is

I've been up all night, with the radio
Just waiting on a birthday
I guess Mr. Blue, yeah, and Mack the Knife
Are fighting on the Hit Parade
Doctor says my wife is doig fine
Step aside, I think my son is crying [Refrain]

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano

Cross Your Heart

Anyone can move a mountain, anyone can cross the sea
Anyone can say I love you, and still not know what it means
When you give love to a stranger, and he doesn't know your name
You can think your life is better, you can fool yourself just the same

Cross Your Heart, and swear you love me
Cross Your Heart, then close the door
Promise me that you won't hurt me
Like one hundred times before
Cross Your Heart, and swear you love me
Cross Your Heart, and make it right
If you want me to forgive you
Cross Your Heart, and swear you're mine

Anyone can lose the feeling, anyone can turn away
Anyone can trade tomorrow for a thousand yesterdays
Tear away the chains that bind you, let yourself become aware
Stand alone beside your conscience, and then make believe that I'm there [Refrain]

Any other woman, living in this world
Oh there ain't no other woman
Could ever me my girl...

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano

Just a Man

Jake, he was a man who always had the perfect line
Had us so convinced of anything
He could turn water into wine
Didn't see him fall or even trying
Didn't see inside that he was crying
'Cause when the sun came up and he lost his touch
He was Just a Man

Just a Man, Just a Man
Just a Man, not a god

Used to think he had some kinda guru
To tell him what to do
Just when he was veering off course
He asked the voice doing what he told him to
He never slept till he saw the sun shining
Faced life head-on, no use in hiding
'Cause when the sun came up and he lost his touch
He was Just a Man [Refrain]

Late one morning, we was looking for him
He was nowhere to be found
Guess his dad found him in the back
With a smoking gun
His time used up, his ma was crying
Sister stopped dead in her tracks
Her eggs were frying
'Cause when the sun came up and he lost his touch
He was Just a Man [Refrain]

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano

Big World

This hotel room is like hell to me
The lights are on but I can't see
The conductor said, it's the end of the line
Get your suitcase

And hold your head up high you're in the Big World
No one tells you why you're in the Big World
Time just passed you by you're in the Big World
Time just passed you by

I'm just stepping outside to get some air
Maybe you were right, maybe I don't care
Cause there's something more, behind that door
And it's not love.

Here in Napoli you don't ask why
The streets the same with a different sky
Where the sea is black, and she sings to me
Like Rossini...

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano

My Gold Ring

Walked the aisle and crossed the threshold
Danced a jig and a Vienese waltz
Tipped my hat to say goodbye to the life I knew
Now it's two by two
Drinking wine with the paragon of animals
Toast the bride with her blushing face
Say the words, but skip the meaning
End the Pentacost with your fingers crossed

My Gold Ring, My Gold Ring
Doesn't mean much anymore
My Gold Ring, My Gold Ring
I don't remember what for

I gave you comfort, I gave you flowers
Gave you more than a man should give
Gave you love in the midnight hour
Now that diamond ring, it don't mean a thing
You tried to tell me, but I didn't listen
Worried looks and faraway eyes
Seems you found what you'd been missing
With some other guy, and no reasons why [Refrain]

Feelings of rage across my mind
Counting the hundred times you lied
Tennessee gin and Johnny Walker help me forget

You tried to tell me, but I wouldn't listen
Worried looks and faraway eyes
Seems you found what you'd been missing
With some other guy, and no reasons why [Refrain]

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano

Lonesome Train

I woke up feeling so alone,
My soul was filled with pain
I washed my hands of the useless guilt
And it flowed down the drain
The feelings that I felt today
Were not entirely untrue
'Cause after all is said and done
It all comes down to you

Oh, Lonesome Train, don't take me away
Oh, Lonesome Train

Went down to the preacher man
And I asked him, "What's the use?"
He said, "Get down on your knees and pray
Your path the lord will choose."
Well I really didn't see the point
When it all comes to misery
And if there's a God, I think he's laughing at me [Refrain]

Right now I can see no reason
Still I fight to keep my freedom
Hoping someday I'll know, I'll know the truth

And for those of you who fear it most
You know you have no choice
We live and die a little everyday
And sing without a voice
There comes a time when we must leave
But no one knows the day
My life is well and I am feeling
So carefree [Refrain]

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano

Some Dream of Falling

Didn't seem to notice anything I said
Finely fading matches, and see-thru cigarettes
Telephone in my mind, long distance call
To no one at all

Some Dream of Falling
And some dream of blue
Some dream of heaven
But I dream of you

Try misunderstanding Paris in the rain
Or staring at the ocean in an Autumn way
Singers on the subway echo and rhyme
And lose track of time

Being at the Bijou, just below the screen
See the shimmering colors
But don't see what they mean
Though you're very close to
Blinding the lies
By closing your eyes

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano

Paradise to Pontchartrain

Love rides in a cool disguise
Round every turn a surprise
My heart's a giant sleeping
And you're just a dream

Eight weeks in a hurricane
So don't think that I'm feeling no pain
Eight years that I can't forget
Now I barely remember

I fell from Paradise to Pontchartrain
And dragged the weight of the world
Through the pouring rain
I've got a lot of good reasons for feeling this way
I've been laughed at, lied to...

Time was you could make me smile
When you played the innocent child
You said life was just a joke
But I ain't laughing

You thought love was cavalry
Riding high on a princely steed
Then you said love was something else
Not something more [Refrain]

It's a mixed up world
And a crazy girl puts her hands in the fire
Did you think you could fall
Or did Love really lift you much higher

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano

Ease it Slow

Through ten hard winters
I drove this man to shame
I didn't even notice
And I wouldn't change a thing

Gotta Ease it Slow, Ease it Slow

Everybody's talkin'
I really don't think they know
I got my ways
And I got good things to show

Gotta Ease it Slow, Ease it Slow
Gotta Ease it Slow
I want to Ease it Slow

And the worst part of the story
Is that it has no end
The middle is so faded
Seems I just can't win in this life anymore

I killed a man last night in cold blood
I swear it was a dream
Now I can't sleep no more
And the glistening tower gleams [Refrain]

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano


Day into night, she's the banker's delight
Dressed in scarves and seams
She's poetry to me, a fragile melody
Close your eyes and dream

Well the first time that I saw her in the sun-lighted rain
Falling streaks around her like some Main Street parade
Well I handed her a promise, she threw me a smile
It's what they say every Matinee

She's a picture-postcard scene, a travel magazine
You know you've been before
Well dress me up tonight by shadowed candlelight
And point me out the door [refrain]

1991 Bill Bonk/Phil Parlapiano