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R ich, hypnotic folk music for the Nineties ...[Gypsy Beat's] sprightly, minor chorded melodies (all originals) will bond to your brain, and Bonk's wistful, multi-hued voice -- often abetted by Parlapiano's frailer, higher harmonies -- will tug at your heart... Much of this album's writing is both direct and affecting, and its unfailing hookiness bears comparison with past masters like Marshall Crenshaw, Crowded House, Squeeze and even Paul Simon. "My Gold Ring" has an impossibly infectious chorus. And in their best songs, like the lushly romantic "Big World" and the baleful "Some Dream of Falling", the Figaros' patented despair creates a massive, dreamlike effect."
creem magazine

T he Brothers Figaro prove themselves to be first-class, acoustically oriented songsmiths... Their lyrics are about streetwise love affairs ("Three Years Gone"), the disillusionment of love ("Paradise to Pontchartrain" and "Big World") and good marriages gone bad ("My Gold Ring"). Probably the strongest of the bunch is "1959", a musical illustration of the adage that "life is what happens to you while you're waiting for your dreams to come true." Edie Brickell, Nils Lofgren and David Lindley make guest appearances, but in the end it's Bonk and Parlapiano's first-rate songwriting that's the star of Gypsy Beat."

Chicago Tribune

P roduced by Pat Moran, Gypsy Beat is alive with the woody warmth that only acoustic instruments can bring. But make no mistake, this is not a throwback to early '60's folk. The sound is contemporary, with plenty of strong hooks, intriguing vocals and soaring harmonies..."My Gold Ring" is especially poignant...The resulting combination of these two talented
singer/songwriters has produced a brilliant debut effort."
Bam Magazine

Japanese Review
L Magazine

"A good album of strong songs and fine multi- instrumentals. Worth a listen."

Trio Photo Highland Grounds - 1/22/2000
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